spiritual rocks to relieve stressWhat?! Spiritual rocks to relieve stress! NO WAY! Well, I sort of said that at the beginning as well, but my readers why I impressed! Simple, let me ask you. Are you struggling with stress and anxiety and felt as if your life has reached rock bottom? Truth is, everyone suffers from these mental distresses once in a while. Some people resort to different measures of stress relief and therapies.

Its obvious there are several therapeutic remedies have been proven to be effective, but if none of these are working for you, then think again. If the persistent series of stress has endangered your health, perhaps you should consider treatment for your inner spiritual viewpoint. Anti-anxiety medications only treat the symptoms, on the contrary, using spiritual rocks or calming crystals help to soothe, calm and heal your mind, body and spirit.

Address your emotional distress by escaping from the stresses of daily life and taking time to unwind and meditate. To facilitate your meditation, there are many different rocks you can use to heal anxiety and stress. Spiritual rocks can help open the door to inner tranquility. Here are five examples of these:

  • Blue Lace Agate is one of the most renowned spiritual rocks for anxiety and stress relief. The rock’s exquisite purple color exudes calming and relaxing vibrations that create inner peace to help you feel at ease. Meditating while holding these rocks every day can soothe your nerves and decrease tension. If you are suffering from jitters every day, try wearing a bracelet or necklace made of blue lace agate beads. Or you can place one of these healing stones in your pocket and carry it with you anywhere; this can help give a bit of relief all through the day. Blue lace agate can also help calm aggressive or hyper pets.
  • Jet stones have played an important role in alleviating stress since ancient times. It is believed to protect and assist the discharge of unfavorable emotions such as agony, stress, anxiety, angst, outrage and depression. They work the same way as energetic filters, shielding you from external influences and aiding to drive away negative energies from your mind, body and spirit. If you feel negative emotions surging within you and you don’t know how to dispel these bad energies, jet stones might be the best answer to your problem. These can also be made into jewelries that can be worn such as earrings, necklace, bracelet, and ring.
  • Shungite is an ancient healing stone believed to have been around 2 billion years of existence.  Its benefits include the relief for anxiety and treatment for insomnia. It also assists in detoxification and purification of body and energy field by facilitating expulsion negative emotions and other health-threatening energies of the body such anxiety. It is believed that you can benefit from its full potential when used in your drinking water.
  • Hematite is another efficient way of eliminating anxiety and stress from your body. You can wear it as a grounding bracelet or ring, but be sure to differentiate natural hematite from magnetic or man-made hematite. Although the magnetic type has its own beneficial properties, it is more advisable to choose the natural one as it offers more advantageous benefits. This shiny black rock has a very active grounding energy that you can feel by merely holding the rock in your hand. It has interesting properties of cooling and calming the senses as it also improves focus and concentration. You can purchase these rocks in jewelry form such as bracelet and necklace. It is also believed to convey good feng shui when used with bagua which is a Chinese religious motif to signify balance and spatial relationships.
  • Unakite Jasper stone contains protective component that promotes the discharge of negative energies as well as addictions that may repress you. It is claimed to effectively alleviate depression and induce good sleep by placing a piece of it under your pillow during bed time. If you are suffering from insomnia or have trouble sleeping, this stone can do wonders for you. Another interesting fact about the Unakite Jasper is that it can aid you in gaining weight. This is helpful for people who have drastically lost weight due to illness or eating disorder known as anorexia. It also expedites recovery from injury and helps healing within the heart and lungs.

Depending on your needs, choose the best spiritual rocks you’ve at your disposal within a specialty store or online. These stones have different effects and benefits, but generally all of them can be used for stress relief. When buying spiritual stones, it is advisable that you touch and hold the stones to feel which of them connects with your inner body the most. That’s when you decide which spiritual stone to buy. You also have the option to combine these different stones if you feel you need more of them. For a treat, I promise, spiritual rocks for stress relieve..WORK! Try it and forget the average naysayer who hasn’t tried it!