Several therapies have been practiced for the past centuries, “how and where does gemmotherapy help” is one of the discussed blog posts here. Most of our practices adhere to homoeopathic principles and are indeed, effective additions to classical homeopathic advocacy. There is isotherapy which infuses the blood or urine of the patient. Nosode therapy, on the other hand includes afflicted tissues, while dynamized organotherapy administers healthy organs, glands or tissues from animals to remedy impaired counterpart organs, glands or tissues of human patients.

Compared to homeopathy, gemmotherapy is also an arising natural therapeutic remedy. Unlike herbal remedies that apply parts of a cultured plant, gemmotherapy is a phytembryotherapy which extracts budding parts of trees and plants. It is more powerful than herbal remedies as these sprouts, buds, rootlets and germinating rudimentary parts embody growth hormones similar to human stem cells. The dynamic foundations in this therapy exist which begin to cease once a plant hits a particular point in its growth. Example of this is auxin which is a hormone present in plants known to stimulate cell growth.

how and where does gemmotherapy helpWhere do the Gemmotherapies come from?

The moment the fresh plants are harvested, the bud and new sprout plant tissue are immersed in a mixture of alcohol and glycerin. Glycerin is picked due to its excipient ability; it serves as a medium for better extraction of the embryonic elements. Three weeks later, the saturation is filtered and diluted to a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerin. This solution is the medicinal manner of gemmotherapy remedies. This formula has the most consistent effect that is why it is the only formula prescribed that gives utmost outcome.

The gems are prescribed in separate bottles and are not intended to be mixed in the same bottle until they are used. Doing so can carry the hazard of chemical reactions that could change or modify their healing properties.

Drainage and Detoxification

Gemmotherapy has a myriad of health benefits on the body and can be applied for any acute and chronic medical conditions. Deemed as a cellular drainage therapy, it serves to detoxify and cleanse the emunctories such as skin, liver and kidney. Then it drains piled up toxins and waste products from the cells, removing these from the body through the freshly honed organs of elimination.

Drainage signifies the dynamics of this therapy which includes one or several organs with an excretory role. Channels are opened which allow the toxins discharged by the homeopathic treatment to embody them and be removed from the body.

Gemmotherapy is similar to homeopathic therapy due to its drainage ability. There are three types of drainage namely:
1. Drainage through organ invigoration.
2. Drainage through tissue stimulation.
3. Drainage through toxin removal.

Channeling the toxins and waste products to be released outside the body by opening the convenient emunctories is the fundamental principle of healing from the inside to the outside.

Drainage is a method acting deep down as an element of the “Natura Medicatrix,” a definite Hippocratic concept. Draining therapies perform in a gentle and extended approach as they help the activity of the emunctories in order to mildly detoxify it.

Drainage has turned to an even more valuable issue. Patients with heart ailments and stress are normally administered with tranquilizers and sleeping pills to cope up with these disorders, apart from prescriptions of antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, and antihistamines. Although some of these medications are generally necessary, patients seek a possible reduction in drugs being consumed. The utilization of drainage treatment has proved considerable change on these patients.

Stress Relief and Depression Treatment

A wide range of herbs are available to be used for the treatment of mental distress and nervous afflictions. Gemmotherapy provides a new concise set of means to apply in order to alleviate suffering and facilitate the healing process for agonizing patients.

Gemmotheraphy remedies greatly help for the treatment of post concussion syndrome and post traumatic stress. Treatment includes 50-100 drops of ribes nigrum thrice a day, 50 drops of ficus carica thrice a day and tilia tomentosa.

Anthocyanidins from ribes nigrum or blackcurrants can dramatically reduce oxidative stress. Ficus carica or fig works efficiently in the nervous system to combat stress-related emotional disturbances such as anxiety, depression, and tension. It has sleep-inducing properties and can stimulate calm thoughts. Figs can also improve hormones that strengthen mental health, thus a great treatment for psychosomatic disorders and subjective syndromes.

The gem tilia tomentosa is loaded with franesol, fragrant oil that has a neuro regulating soothing features. Laboratory studies reveal that this herb apparently bears sleep inducing properties. It induces sleep without toxicity, hence is not hypnotic nor habit forming. It is specifically prescribed in curing children, pregnant women and the elderly. The prescribed amount will range from 25 drops for young patients to up to 100 drops for adults to be taken before going to sleep. The tilia alone has a delightful taste, but can also be mixed with other types of juice if preferred.

The betula verrucosa, known as birch, also has a significant antidepressant effect to heal stress.

Fighting anxiety and stress with ease is now possible with the use of several gemmotherapy remedies that provide promising results. I think that continued education on how and where does gemmotherapy help our day to day lives needs to be a constant quest for all of us that embody mindful practices to heal our bodies and our minds. We continue!