herbal remedies to treat stressThere are several herbal remedies to treat stress, depression and anxiety. Some of these herbs manifest immediate result while others need to be used on a longer period of time to sustain their effects.

Your repository of natural remedies is about to get more extensive with the use of these healing herbs known to relieve stress and alleviate anxiety and depression. Some of these miracle herbs are discovered to possess the ability to treat other life-threatening diseases such as cancer, hypertension, and other cardiovascular disorders.

Herbal medicines applied as natural therapeutic remedies can be as effective as their traditional counterparts without the same negative side effects.

Here is the list of the best herbal superhealers that you’ll want to add to your selections of therapeutic alternatives.


A cup of chamomile tea can dramatically help to soothe your senses and calm you down. Chamomile contains some compounds that bind to the brain receptors the same way as Valium does.

Chamomile supplements are also available which are typically standardized to contain 1.2% apigenin. You can take these supplements together with dried chamomile flowers. Study shows that patients with generalized anxiety disorder have demonstrated significant decrease in anxiety symptoms compared to patients who did not take it at all.

Other health benefits of chamomile include the following:

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties than can promote healing of wounds.
  • Can be used as treatment for fevers, colds and flu.
  • It can heal nervous headaches, insomnia, and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Induces deep and relaxing sleep.
  • Stress relief due to work fatigue.
  • It has a mild calming sedative effect on the central nervous system.

L-theanine (or green tea)

Drinking five cups of green tea everyday may reduce instances of psychological distress by up to 20% according to studies which suggest that green tea can greatly improve psychological health. A dose of 200 milligrams of L-theanine has also been proven to calm anxiety-prone patients and resulted to more focused subjects. You can attain that much amount of L-theanine from green tea by drinking 5 to 20 cups of it.

Apart from its psychological benefits, green tea can also help reduce hypertension and high blood pressure.

Green tea extracts may also aid in fighting Alzheimer’s and several kinds of cancer. Furthermore, green tea is also known to enhance cardiovascular and oral health. It is also widely used as a weight loss supplement for women who want to lose weight.

The four primary polyphenols found in green tea leaves namely epicatechin, epigallocatechin gallate, epicatechin gallate, and epigallocatechin were concluded to help counteract the symptoms linked with stress including physical and mental fatigue.


Hops is popularly known as the main ingredient in beers, but little did we know about its medicinal benefits.

Most people claim that using this as filling to their pillow helped them calm down and sleep better.

Studies have revealed that hops has sedative properties without negative side effects. Compounds found in hops greatly help to relieve aches and pains and kill bacteria.

It can also be made into tea but some people found its bitter taste unbearable. You can neutralize its bitter taste by combining it with chamomile or mint.

Hops is frequently used as a sedative to induce sleep along with another herb called valerian. Remember to not take sedative herbs if you are taking tranquilizer or other types of sedative, and always inform your doctor of the supplements you are taking.


Most herbal medicines for the treatment of anxiety have sedative property or the ability to make you sleepy. Valerian is one of the most potent herbal sedative ever known. It is a powerful herb used to treat sleep disorder or insomnia by decreasing the harmful effects of pressure from stress caused by fatigue.

Valerian has an unpleasant smell that most people prefer to take it in capsule-form or tinctures. Valerian root is best taken before bedtime to induce a deep goodnight sleep. Never take it in the morning especially if you are going to work for it will make you absolutely sleepy.

Valerian can be used in combination with other sedative herbs such as chamomile, hops, and lemon balm.

Lemon balm

Due to its noticeable lemony scent, this herb was named ‘lemon balm’. It is a potent herbal remedy with several benefits:

  • Lemon balm is used in aromatherapy to calm the mind;
  • Has a mild sedative property that induces restful sleep;
  • It is frequently used in cosmetics as an anti-aging agent;
  • Improves memory and problem-solving;
  • Helps balance blood sugar;

Be cautious that too much intake of lemon balm can make you often times, anxious. Moderate intake is advised when you are using this type of herb. Lemon balm comes in different forms such as tea, capsule, and tincture. It can also be combined with other superherbs such as hops, chamomile, and valerian. Keeping up with our studies, we drive on for more herbal remedies to treat stress, depression and other related symptoms!