Homeopathic remedies give a lot of stress in detoxifying the body. Whether it is the bodily toxins or those ingested through foreign sources, lack of proper detoxification can greatly hamper the proper functioning of the body, leading to reduced efficiency and degraded health. This is exactly what the Unda products are targeted at. For years now, Unda pharmacies have been researching in the field of detoxification and providing effective products to wash away the stagnant toxins.


The company was founded in the 1920s and has been a trusted supplier of homeopathic remedies to restore health, prevent and cure chronic diseases as well as upkeep a healthy living. Unda products are mainly targeted for a naturally healthy body and balanced organs.

The greatest benefit of using the Unda products is that they do not cause any type of side effects. All the products are extremely safe and risk-free, and do not put undue stress on the liver. Apart from detoxifying the body, there are also products exclusively targeted to revitalizing certain organs. All of these reasons make Unda a reasonable Homeopathic solution for various ailments.

However, these products are best taken under professional consultation. There are a number of Unda homeopathic clinics with highly skilled professionals. You can visit anytime and have a consultation about the doses and monitoring process. The professionals will also brief you on the body’s natural detoxification processes so that you can manage your dose accordingly.

How to take Unda supplements?

According to the recommendations, the solutions should be taken orally. If you are taking the powdered form, it is best to keep it under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. This promotes easier absorption of the vital minerals. If you are taking the liquid supplements, it is not really necessary to drink water after consumption. However, if you are taking the dry powder, make sure that you drink at least a glass of water, as this will help in absorption.

Unda and homeopathy

The evolution of the Unda products goes back to Belgium. A certain pharmaceutical company started giving out the homeopathic combinations and finally, the house was renamed as UNDA in 1949.

Unlike other homeopathic products, the Unda products do not have a name. Instead, they are sorted by numbers assigned to them. The numbers are an indication of the ratio of different components used in the product.

The ratios of different ingredients can be altered, depending on the symptoms shown by the patient. These can also be effectively used for single remedy homeopathy. In fact, much attention is devoted to taking the single remedy homeopathy as step further. The best thing about Unda is that they can be used as a stimulant for triggering the symptoms so that a better diagnosis of the ailment can be made or they can also be used to contain certain symptoms and clear out the body for further treatment. Being a natural, homeopathic means of treatment, all of this can be done without carrying the risk of side effects.

Unda remedies – composition

The Unda products are all based on plants. The extracts are taken and diluted 3 to 4 times. At this concentration, the medicines still have a distinctive herbal taste. However, they are not as strong as the direct concoctions. All the selection of the medicinal herbs is made by a team of professionals specialized in Herbology. The plants chosen are such that they can give maximum and quick effectiveness while doing away with the side effects. For example, junipers and asparagus are used for treating the kidney; celandine and dandelion for the liver; valerian for the nervous system and mullein for treating the lungs. Oftentimes, the different extracts are mixed in special ratios to create synergic effects.

Other than the herbal extracts, some of the concoctions also contain pure metals such as gold, silver, copper and lead in trace amounts. These are integrated into the recipe to promote the effectiveness and also to make up for the trace mineral deficiencies in the body. These are either introduced separately during preparation process or fixed to the plants beforehand. Introducing the metals directly into the plants is generally more effective as this facilitates absorption. This also does not lead to rejection by the body, resulting in a toxic build up.

The use of metals has a significant effect on the effectiveness of these medications. They ensure the proper functioning of different parts and also support the complex reactions within inner membranes of mitochondria. This is what explains the increased energy levels and physical agility associated with taking Unda products.

Benefits of using Unda

The main aim of Unda products is to restore the normal health of the organs and promote better functioning. This is done in five ways as suggested below.

1. The homeopathic remedies are targeted at detoxifying the whole body from the cellular level. The livers and the kidneys are given more attention as these are the major organs that influence toxin elimination.

2. They regulate the hormonal system, the nervous system as well as the cardiovascular system. The remedies are meant for entirely balancing the homeostatic systems.

3. Increases the defense and selectivity of the mucous membranes, thus enhancing immunity. This helps keep minor ailments like fever and infections at bay.

4. Regular intake of Unda products, allows the body to build a natural defense at the onset of diseases, thus restoring health in a natural way.

5. Unda remedies are great for single homeopathic remedies. The products also encourage waste elimination from the cellular5 level, thus creating the specific requirement for further individualized treatments. This ensures that the proper health of the cells is maintained during the treatment period.

Conclusion about gemmotherapy with Unda

You do not have to doubt about the authenticity and effectiveness of the products. Unda has been there for quite some time now and it is backed by extensive research and experimentation. It has become one of the leading names in the field of homeopathy. Medical practitioners have stated that Unda products are effective in treating both the deep chronic issues as well as the acute symptoms.