The ear is defined as a part of our body responsible for hearing. But this vital sensory organ is more than just a byway for sound energy. It forms our connection with sound and also keeps track of our balance to sustain our orientation with our environment.

Acting as our brain’s left and right auxiliary; the ear is also a vessel for self-recovery and healing. This benefit of the ear has become widely used in some healing practices particularly in western medicine.

The application of this recognition is known as ear acupressure or Auriculotherapy and it has been deemed as one of the most effective and convenient alternative remedies in alleviating pain, losing excess weight, lowering blood pressure, curing insomnia, reducing addiction on alcohols and drugs, to name a few of the illnesses brought about by the stresses of modern life.

ear acupressureEar acupressure is believed to have been originally introduced by Chinese acupuncturists in 500 BC. But not until 1950 when Paul Nogier, a French doctor, established modern Auriculotherapy, now widely practiced as an absolute therapeutic system.

Dr. Nogier signified the relationship of ear acupoints and their responses to several health conditions. By comparing the ear’s shape to an inverted fetus, he presented his adept scientific analogy of the ear as the mini-replica of the human bodily system. Dr. Nogier’s research was notably supported by Chinese acupuncturists that led to the development of a more comprehensive map that delineates the precise acupressure points on the ear as well as other associated body systems to which these points correspond.

Auriculotherapy is different from ear reflexology which works by unblocking and delivering energy meridians of the body by using acupressure. Ear acupressure, on the other hand, triggers the connections of the nerve between the central nervous system and the ear. The application of pressure to the appropriate points on the external ear stimulates nerve impulses towards the brain in order to transmit powerful curative senses to the system or organ to which the health condition resides.

The brain discharges protein molecules called endorphins into the blood stream to relieve pain when it receives recommendations from the ear. This process rapidly soothes discomfort and chronic pain without any side effects.

The modern lifestyle has given us conveniences in many ways but it has also brought about more stress, anxiety and tension in many forms than the earlier times. Most of the works today rely on computers, which require us working by sitting on our desk glued to the screen for 8 to 9 straight hours which adversely affect not only our spinal column and eyes, but also our brain. With this type of sedentary jobs, most people usually experience stiffness in the neck, back and shoulder accompanied by acute headache particularly endured when work pressure is at its heaviest.

Stress doesn’t just stop at the workplace for as we get home tired and exhausted, the pressure to pay bills and meeting family responsibilities also creates intense tension which can result to a more severe problem such as sleep disturbances, depression, chest pains, heart ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many more.

Some stressed people resort to antidepressant medicines, alcohol, and illegal drugs at worse cases, which can pose more severe adverse effects on the body, physically and mentally. You don’t need to expose your health to risk in your fight against stress. The practice of ear acupressure provides safe and convenient way to relieve stress and anxiety. Give this therapeutic remedy a chance and experience its benefits.

Related Symptoms of Stress

Stress is not all about the bad stuff. It is basically a natural body response to emergency situations. Stress at normal levels increases productivity by keeping us focused and staying alert. However, stress becomes disastrous when it worsens. High level of stress poses threat to your well-being when it’s already taking a toll on your quality of life. That is why it is crucial to detect early symptoms of stress before it gets worse. Here are a few stress-related symptoms to consider as precautionary signs.

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Chest pains
  • Nausea
  • Heavy smoking
  • Alcohol and drugs abuse
  • Eating disorders

Ear acupressure offers a natural and relaxing method to help you achieve a calmer state by increasing the release of endorphins in your body. Anyone can relieve their stress and anxiety by practicing Auriculotherapy with the aid of a therapist or even on your own. If you are taking special medications, it is best to consult your physician first before using this therapeutic remedy.

Just follow these simple ear acupressure procedures and you’re on your way to a stress-free living:

Finger Squeeze

Ear acupressure can be applied by squeezing the fleshy part of your ear. This is also helpful for those people who want to lose some extra pounds because this particular spot of the ear also acts as a natural appetite suppressant point.

Locate the acupoint by closing and opening your jaw. While doing this, use your index to feel the point where your jaw moves the most. You will feel a plump bulge in front of the ear canal when you slide your index finger from the jaw point toward your ear. Seize this fleshy bulge between your thumb and index finger then gently squeeze it for 8 seconds. Let go of the pressure and relax for 10 seconds. Do the exercise again five times and apply the same procedure to the other ear.

Bead Press

One of the methods of ear acupressure can be done with the use of beads. Sit properly on a stable chair with your feet on the floor. Find the acupoint situated behind your ear. Place a bead on this point by holding the bead between your thumb and index finger. Gently apply pressure onto the bead and hold it for 10 seconds. Let go of the pressure and relax for another 10 seconds. Do the exercise again five times.  Repeat the same procedure to the other ear.

You may also put a tape over the bead to keep it in place behind your ear. Gently massage it for 10 seconds then relax for the next 10 seconds. Do the same to the other ear.

Finger Press

Even without the use of other equipments or beads, you can still accomplish ear acupressure with your mere fingers. In the tiny fold where the hard part of your ear meets your ear lobe located behind your ear, gently press your index finger on this point. Maintain the pressure for 8 seconds. Let go of the pressure and relax for 10 seconds. Perform the procedure again five times. Repeat the same exercise to the other ear.

Cartilage Press

Another vital acupoint found in the ear is located on the inner portion of the ear. Standing in front of a mirror, find the cartilage situated just above the fleshy point of your ear. You will find this cartilage parallel to your ear lobe. Use your index finger in applying pressure on the cartilage for 10 seconds. Let go of the tension and relax for 10 seconds. Perform the exercise five times. Do the same procedure to the other ear.


Some professional therapists access acupoint by employing electrical devices and acupuncture needles that carry out micro-currents. The application of pressure with the use of fingers brings the same benefits as with the use of these tools. If you opt to practice ear acupressure on your own, the only thing you need is the complete map delineating the specific acupoints on the ear and the conditions they treat. Learning the suitable amount of pressure to be applied on these specific acupoints is also essential.


For a handy and more convenient guide, you can buy an at-home and easy to understand guidebook to Auriculotherapy featuring a wide variety of medical remedies for more than 350 diseases.


Ear acupressure not only relieves stress and anxiety but it also offers other benefits such as weight loss, enhancing sexual drive, improving concentration and memory, boosting immune system, stabilizing digestive disorders, and treating depression. It is a self-treatment therapy that won’t consume much of your time and money. When used in combination with other therapeutic remedies and relaxation techniques, ear acupressure can complete your overall wellness scheme.